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Murli is the true Gita pronounced by God SHIV through the chariot of a human body named as father BRAHMA BABA. This murli is not the murli made up of wooden stick. This is the murli after listening which the devotees of God get overjoyed. Murli is the treasure of powerful thoughts given by God. By churning those thoughts again and again, we become elevated human beings. This is the God’s love with which we children get gratification everyday. This knowledge makes the soul pure gold. God SHIV, the world Almighty authority, supreme teacher is teaching us everyday. Baba says, “Those children who love to study murli, they are in true love with the Murlidhar”. Murli is the base through which Baba nurtures us in both Sakar and Avyakt form. The base for keeping our mind fulfilled with powerful thoughts is to listen murli daily and become embodiment of it. Let us ask our self, who are we?…….Listener, comprehender or embodiment of knowledge.

Through this wonderful knowledge God SHIV makes us aware regarding our past – present – future and transform us into Trinetri, Trikaldarshi and Swadarshan Chakradhari.

Murli is the only source through which we can attain complete stage equal to father. Our father, Brahma Baba has also attained complete stage by following the guidelines of God SHIV given in murli. Now, we also must follow our father Brahma Baba and become embodiment of knowledge. For we Brahmin children, murli is Sakar BAAPDADA. Now, all of us have to give return of BAAPDADA’S love by paying attention on murli.
Murli is breath of brahmin life, so we must listen Murli everyday with full attention & regard as these are the versions narrated directly by God SHIV. Come, lets get immersed in BABA’S love. Om shanti.